Blogging is coursework, n'est pas?

Response: Rettberg

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In Rettberg’s article, What Is a Blog?, discussion centers around the basic concepts of blogs as a format of Web 2.0. Rettberg discusses what a blog is, their basic use by the average blogger, and examples of various blogs that were fairly mainstream at the onset of the writing. While the content is extremely dated in terms of the evolution of the blog, it raises various thoughts on the “medium” of blogging, and almost seems to contend it as a form of artistic expression, placing to it words such as genre.

Discussion was raised concerning the different styles of blogs, and Rettburg reduced them into three basic categories: the personal blog, the filter blog, and the topic-driven blog, discussion their differentiation and various stylings that make them unique features. Finally, Rettberg offers a “brief history” of blogging as a whole to round out the first chapter of his text.

The article itself is quite straightforward, with very generous amounts of extraneous defining of what a blog is. It discusses very little of the concept of Web 2.0, and how blogs fundamentally work within this larger defining question of “what is the internet becoming?” However, in addressing blogs through this manner, it opens up the concept of the independent writer – the average Joe who is willing to express his own thoughts – which is at the heart of what Web 2.0 is on a very fundamental aspect. Showing the difference between a personal blog and a filter blog, for example, shows the multi-purpose aspects that a blog offers. Furthermore, it shows the emphasis on user-created content, which again lies central to the ideals of Web 2.0.


Written by Chris Fox

11 September, 2011 at 10:07

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